Saturday, January 21, 2017

Big Time

You want to make the big time
You want your millions to shine
Like crazy diamonds and Hollywood
Though for your soul it is not good
You want to be a movie star
Have a big house and fancy cars
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Giving into vanity
Just like King Solomon said
Over and over again
To the lies you're buying in
As the world embraces sin
You want your name
On a walk of fame
And you are not ashamed
To blaspheme Jesus' Name
The only name
In which to be saved
Hollywood is a cesspool
For souls it is a grave
But you don't care
As long as you get paid
Nothing like the thrill
Of fifteen minutes of fame
The devil will entice
With many many lies
Just so you sell your soul
It truly is his goal
The opposition comes on you
Riding on that white horse
You give into the falsehood
Your soul is in a hearse
He has you distracted
World impacted
And you just acted
In his entrapment
But I am here to tell you
There is a better way
Call on Jesus' Name
The only name that saves
There will come a day
When judgment will come
The devil will be throne
In a lake that forever burns
He wants you to have
A false sense of enlightenment
So you will turn away
From the Man that conquered sin
When I'm up in Heaven
That will be my big time
Feasting with my Jesus
And in His light I'll shine
So call on Jesus
To pull you from the dark
There's a mighty power
Who lives inside our hearts
Call on Jesus, call on Jesus
The only Name that truly frees us
Call on Jesus, call on Jesus
And His love will redeem us

-D.E. McLeod

Mental Roadblocks

So, I've been running into many blocks in my creative writing, but there's a form of writing I always come back to. It's a way of writing that I never have any serious blockages in my mental space. It's writing of something and someone bigger than myself. I'm a poet. Might as well accept that, stick to it, and not run from it. Maybe poetry is my calling, but sometimes I want to challenge myself and poetry hasn't been a challenge for me in many years. Maybe that's a good thing, though.

I have these ideas for amazing stories, but I never seem to finish them and I don't feel as attached to them as I do my poetry. I look at my prose like the most snobbish critic in the world. That's right - I'm my own worst critic.

I also seem to enjoy commentary as well, and though it is prose, I can write it all day because it's stuff that I'm actually dealing with. So, that's it. That's why I'm going to start this blog. It's going to be a blog of my commentary and poetry. Maybe I will challenge myself to write at least one poem or more each day, and post commentary that is relevant in my day-to-day life.

When it comes to my projects, I have the worst case of ADD, but I do enjoy poetry. It's at the core of my heart. I'm a Christian that struggles with serious mental illnesses, but I give all glory to the Father. Lord knows I'm not perfect. I struggle constantly with schizophrenia, depression and sin. But no matter how far I've fallen, He is there to pick me back up.

So yeah, this is the next frontier. I vow to become more consistent and craft a lot of wonderful poetry, for I am a poet. I will post my commentary as well. I want to keep this new venture interesting and fresh. Sure, I'll try to work on my other hobbies, but poetry has my heart.

-D.E. McLeod